Hey great job today everyone!

Here’s what to work on this coming week.


Always keep a nice relaxed bow hand, thumb between the hair and the stick, fingers spread a little bit, with the pinky on top of the stick. Practice nice long bow strokes on open strings. Then add your fingers one by one. Go back and forth a few times between each finger aiming to land right on top of the stars. Then try playing scales. From an Open string like A, adding B C D then going over to Open E adding F G and then finally A at the top, then come down all the way back to open A. Good luck and have fun!



Work your way through some of those sheets, Being careful about where the spaces fall between your fingers. Always try to be careful when crossing strings to not push the fingering hand up or down the neck. Keep an eye on the music and count the spaces and lines as you go to get used to reading notes as they jump around. Also watch the way the notes are written, with a stick, without, Half notes, Whole notes and make sure to give them the right values. Awesome playing, use those good ears of yours to your advantage!