Carson – Check out some of that theory stuff. Try to apply it to the instrument. If you’re interested in theory, there are some books on my teacher page that may interest you. We could work through them together.

Lili – Keep working on those Christmas songs and When You Wish Upon a Star. SLOW DOWN AND PLAY IT PROPERLY. You tend to ignore the written music and guess for notes, which is a very bad habit. Until you have those skills developed, you need to play the music slowly and in time, or else it just sounds like nothing. Practice the scales that the melodies come from. This helps your facility in those keys and you can find the notes faster. FILL OUT YOUR PRACTICE LOG. I tell you this every week and it is yet to be completed. This makes me think you’re not practicing at all.

Sacha – Keep working on the mario theme. Again, try to memorize it!

Daniel – Work on the rest of Twinkle Twinkle and the corresponding chords.