Great job everyone, keep up the good work! Here’s what you should be working on this week!


Always start off your practice with a nice bow hand, In the tips of the fingers, nice and relaxed, draw the bow on all of the strings to feel the different levels the right arm has to be on. Then practice changing the fingers and the bow at the same time. Then try Twinkle Twinkle little star and the first line of lightly row. Make sure the left hand fingers land on the stars!


Feel the distance between your first and third finger, feel like the 1st finger is on the imaginary 2nd fret and the 3rd finger is on the imaginary 5th, Feel the 2 semitones that separate the tow fingers and play them back and forth on all the strings to further get the feel of the hand frame.


Work on those Wolfahrt studies that we picked out, and keep the keysignatures in mind. Keep in mind where your fingers need to be high and low and the spaces in between. As a rule keep in mind that in first position, the notes on the lines are going to be odd fingers and the notes in the spaces are going to be even fingers (or open strings)