Warm-Up: Begin by doing the left hand and right hand warm-ups from your book. Play with strong fingers (emphasis on each note).

Try the finger independence exercise every day too (lifting one finger at a time and playing the note, trying to keep the other non-playing fingers on the keys).

Page 26-27: Work on playing both notes in the harmonic interval at the same time. Play 2nds and 3rds alone a few times before trying the written exercises. You can also play on a table/flat surface to practice this as well.

Cheats to read the staff (read from bottom to top on staff)

Treble clef lines: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Treble Clef spaces: spells out the word FACE

Bass clef lines: Grandma Boogies Down Fifth Avenue
OR George Brown Died Friday Afternoon

Bass clef spaces: All Cows Eat Grass


This week Rachel should be practicing Wish I Were a Fish in her lesson book. She should always begin playing the song by doing the “sneaky thumb” exercise on the previous page. We spent some time reviewing this exercise in the lesson and Rachel became more and more comfortable as we went along.

Rachel can also spend some time listening to “Another Day of Sun” from La La Land. She can listen to small sections of the song at a ¬†time (10 seconds or so) several times and then try to find the notes on the piano. She should focus on the melody that’s being sung, and can even sing it to herself as she locates the notes. She should ask herself if the melody is going UP (higher) or DOWN (lower) from where she starts. We will also be doing this in the lesson.

Rachel should play for 5 minutes every day.


Chantal should begin practicing by doing A Dozen a Day Group II exercises in D major #10-12. In exercise 11, instead of repeating the same figure twice, the second part of the exercise is a bit different than the first. Chantal needs to make sure she double checks her notes!

As Chantal doesn’t feel as comfortable reading bass clef as she does treble clef, here is a worksheet she can complete this week to help test her skills. We’ll take a look at it in the lesson too!

Flute of the Andes: This week, Chantal can play this piece with all the dynamics (loud/soft). We reviewed what they all mean in the lesson and practiced the contrast between them. Chantal should also be aware of the 8va symbol at the end of the piece!

Chantal should practice for 15 minutes every day.


This week Zoe can begin practicing by reviewing A Dozen a Day exercises in group III. She is working on them in E major #1-3. She can also review Pop Pop Popcorn from her Technique Book, making sure to play everything detached as written.

Ferris Wheel Improv – Zoe picked this song for the recital. It’s an improvised piece so she doesn’t need to write down what she’ll do, but it may be helpful! I suggest she writes something down just for practicing purposes and should play what she’s planned several times through. Here is some blank staff paper to help.

Half Time Show: Zoe should focus on holding down her left hand while her right hand moves. I suggest she even play one long note and then play anything else in the right hand to practice this concept before playing the song. I also firmly suggest she count out loud, especially in the 2nd-last bar!

Zoe should play for 15 minutes every day.


Warm up: continue with double 3rds and review all forms of F# minor.


  • Tempo – 95.
  • Practice this enough you almost know it by heart. The most important parts to have nearly memorized are the parts where the violin and piano play together (all the fermata bars, the ritardandos, the beginning of the piece).
  • Run through the piece as much as possible after correcting smaller sections that need attention. Don’t stop even if you make a big mistake!
  • Don’t roll the final chords!
  • Always play the repeat.
  • The minor key section can be a hair faster.

Elizabeth the violin teacher was very happy with the way the rehearsal went!

Pavane: Continue to run through it without stopping. Try to learn it so well that it’s almost memorized. Don’t be afraid to edit the accompaniment if there’s a section you have constant trouble with.

Lied: continue to practice with last week’s assignment. It is near performance ready!