Hello team,

As requested, I am making positing available on the teachers’ iPad.

When you want to do a post, you:

  1. go to the WordPress app on the home screen
  2. open the app, and make sure that you are prompted to log in.  If not, go to the ‘My Sites>Configuration>Settings and click the ‘Remove Site’ button at the bottom of the screen.  This is a bit convoluted, not my design.  Then, when you are presented with the log-in screen, you’ll need to tap the ‘Add Self-Hosted Site’ option near the bottom of the screen.  Enter all of your credentials, plus our website (music-lessons.ca).
  3. Tap on the ‘+pencil’ icon to begin your posting process.
  4. Tap the cog-wheel icon at the top right of the screen to assign your “e:” category (super important)
  5. Write your post.  In this app, the ‘heading 3’ option is not available, so just select your student names and make them bold.  Remember, you can use the iPad to voice-dictate your information.  Just be sure to proofread your dictation…it is a far from perfect technology.
  6. Tap ‘Post’ in the upper right-hand corner to complete your post.

That’s it!

Remember, you’ll need to do these each teaching day you are here.  You can use the teachers’ iPad, or you can do it at home, but doing the posts promptly is a must, as it will send a message about the importance of what we and the student are doing.

Please begin doing these today.

If there are any further questions, you can let me know.