Well, today was a little sluggish for most of you guys.  Maybe, because it’s the first day of ‘real Spring’?  But, (most of) you guys didn’t practice much this past week, either!  Oh well, you were having a pretty good run for a while there… Two steps forward, one step back?


Dear sir, please try to concentrate and try more in the lessons, please!  And, while you’re PRACTICING (*hint, hint), keep a STEADY TEMPO and MOVE to the rhythm.  I know you can do it…;)


Good job today and piano/song work this past week; your lyric writing has gotten better!  Continue to focus on ‘Cindy’ and prepare your ‘monster song’ for next week.


30 MINUTE CHALLENGE (six days a week practicing)!!!  You can do it, sir, I believe in you!


Come on, son, MOVE TO THE RHYTHM!!!!  And, know your time values.  This will prevent you from rushing, make the piece sound better, and it feels good!


Great job, today, Rishith!  You consistently practice, and always give a focused and persistent effort in the lessons.  THANK YOU!!!