For piano, please practice the songs in the Alfred’s book that I’ve dated April 13 for you. This should include Oom-pa-pa.

For voice, practice Land of the Silver Birch, and When the Saints Go Marchin’, and If I Only Had a Brain from the Wizard of Oz.

Also, it would be great if you could purchase your own voice book from Long and McQuaede or Remenyi, or at any better music bookstore seller. Something with songs you’d like to sing in it.

Remember, not to be afraid to ask in your lessons, “I’m not sure how to do this,” or “I need help with…” That’s what I am here for – please don’t be shy!

Keep up the consistent work and focus!


Please practice the songs from Alfred’s that I have dated April 13. Really awesome work with your practice and your focus lately! Keep up the good work!


Please remember to warm-up with do-do-do, and do-ti-la-so-fa-mi-re-do when you practice. This makes such a difference. Use your baby voice too. Please practice Evr’ybody Wants to Be a Cat, Got the Sun in the Mornin’, and Reflection from Mulan. We’ll see you next week! Keep up the positive attitude!