Good to see you this week!

For piano, practice the songs in the book, I’ve put “M” beside  and that we worked on in the lesson. Next week, we will work on Oom-pa-pa.

For voice, continue to practice Land of the Silver Birch and Oh When the Saints Go Marchin’ In.

Happy practicing!



Nice work on practicing this week!

Practice the five songs we worked on in the Alfred’s Book this week. I’ve put an O and the date beside the ones we’re working on.

If you have a pedal to practice with at home, that’d be great!

Keep up the good work!



Congrats again on getting into the Talent Show! Now let’s keep up the good work!

Please continue to practice with the warm-ups that we do in the lesson. This is helping you immensely!

Please practice Evr’ybody Wants to Be A Cat, and Got the Sun in the Mornin’ and the song from Mulan that we started.

See you next week!