Excellent lessons today, all of you!!!  Practice like I teach, and you will play like a peach!! :)


Good on you for inquiring from me exactly what I meant by your ‘stiffness of hands’, Maz.  And then, demonstrating that you could make the muscles in your hands as relaxed as mine.  SOOO, experiment with and use this flexibility of your hands and fingers as you play from now on!!!


Great on you for practicing SOOO much this past week, Gerardo, and for completing two songs!!!  You are really taking what I am teaching to heart.  Thank you.


Thank you for practicing so much this past week, as well, dear.  Remember to ALWAYS keep the ARCH-like form of your left P.A. (playing apparatus — from elbow to fingertips) as you articulate across strings and SHIFT.  Shifting is a left P.A. ‘up and a-round’ motion, either down or up the string.


Great first piano/music lesson, Kingsley!!!  Please practice as much as you can what we went over today this week, and then repeat such consistent and focused practice habits from now on — this way your musical and technical understanding will exponentially increase!!


Olivia, first of all, thank you so much for cutting your fingernails (though they could be cut further), but please, please, please, treat your piano playing and practice with the SAME CARE you take with singing your songs!!  So, please do not sing the melodic line when learning to play your piano parts.  Focus on perfecting the SOUND of each hand separately, then hands together, BEFORE attempting to sing along with the piano part.