Much better with the flash cards – we will keep working on it every week until you don’t need them anymore. Keep working on “AMixed Up Song”. It’s getting really close – focus especially on measures 17-24 (which is the part with just the left hand) and also focus on the last two measures. Remember the rhythm in the last two measures (how many beats does a half note get? 2!). The main thing to remember is which hand plays when. Ask yourself if it’s time for the right hand to play, the left hand, or both. Also practice “Runaway Rabbit” this week – practice by saying the note names while you play. This will help you learn the piece (though you remembered it pretty well).


Excellent work with “Sonatina!”. It sounded really great this week. Just two things – More dynamics (crescendos and decrescendos) and also add the pedal. The pedal goes with the C Major chords. I really liked how your right hand was louder than your left hand this week. You can also practice “When our Band Goes Marching By” hands separate for next week. If you can have the hands together, that would be amazing. The main thing is not to mix up the left hand between the two songs. They are really similar, but slightly different. So just remember which left hand part goes with which piece. Fantastic job this week!


Great work this week! You’re doing a good job handling all the harder material. Keep practicing “Happy Song” and “Balloons as your warm up songs. Those are really nice pieces for you to practice and they will get better and more comfortable. Your new piece for this week will be “Who’s on Third”. Remember that in thirds, you skip one white note. This piece is loaded with thirds.As always, pay attention to when the notes go up or down. Also, beware the last note! I know the stem looks like the note should be in the right hand and higher – but actually it’s lower and still in the left hand.


Excellent work with “Greatest Show on Earth”, “The Whirlwind” and the Carols! For next week, keep practicing the C Major and G Major scales. Remember that they both use the same exact fingerings, even though G Major has one sharp (F-Sharp). Keep practicing “The Planets” for next week and keep it super quiet. The quieter it is, the more outer-spacey it will sound. Your new pieces for next week are “French Lullaby” and “Sonatina”. “French Lullaby” is in G Major, and uses G (sol) position but remember that the left hand switches to C (do) position in the third line. “Sonatina” is in C position but remember that the middle section is in G Major (so all f-s are sharp) and the right hand changes positions too. Since there is only one song left in your book, I suggest that you already purchase the next volume! Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book 2.