Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Review your major scales this week (C, G, F, D and Bb) along with arpeggios. Try playing each scale at 60 bpm, in quarter notes and the arpeggios at 60 bpm, in half notes.
  • Spring and Autumn – focus on the timing of both pieces! The notes and rhythms are right, but make sure you are coming in in the right place. Count in your head, and use the metronome as a visual cue.


  • Keep working through your major/minor scales with the metronome.
  • Feeling Fine – Keep in mind what we talked about. Isolate tricky parts at first, then try running through the entire piece section by section with the metronome. Keeping the momentum of the piece going (even when you make a mistake) is important and this is easier if you aren’t stopping and starting.
  • Ocean piece – Work on the timing in the second movement. Practice the section where you’re coming in on the “and” of 2, and then right on 2. Make sure you aren’t coming in early.


  • Camille can keep working through her major scales and arpeggios with the metronome. They should be full-range of the saxophone.
  • Get her to practice her school piece with the metronome – watch out for the timing with the dotted quarter notes. Make sure she counts like we talked about (1 and 2 and etc.)
  • She can keep working through Pavane.