Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you had a lovely break!


  • Pg. 28 “C-D-E-F-G March”
    • sing & play at the same time
  • Pg. 29 “The Measure”
    • sing & play at the same time
  • For both pieces, always begin by checking which note to start, and which finger is supposed to play it
  • theory: complete page 18
  • rcommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 20mins each time


  • Sea Chantey: done!
  • Pg. 18 “Rage over a lost penny”
    • Staccato!
    • section B: check fingering, clean up bars 15-16
    • keep LH fingers curved
  • Pg. 24 “Cat Patrol”
    • RH until bar 15
    • LH: learn notes if you have the time
    • staccato!
  • Scales
    • do corrections for accidentals at the back of your notebook
    • revise and play all scales that are at the back of your notebook
  • recommended practice: at least 5 times a week, 30mins each time


  • Czerny No. 1:
    • revise, making sure LH chords are solid
    • hands together, at a steady tempo (MM=60)
  • Bourée (pg. 24)
    • articulation – make sure slurring and lifting as indicated. These are sometimes missing right now.
    • dynamics – be more sensitive to dynamic changes
    • hands together
  • Gigue in A major (pg. 48) NEW
    • RH only – practice the notes
    • articulation – it gets trickier here. Careful of lifts, slurs, staccato.
    • LH – learn notes if time
  • Misc. please bring: Clementi, manuscript book, theory book.
  • recommended practice: daily, 45mins each time


  • Pg. 16, music track 4
    • play the track and sing along
    • make sure to place hands on the book, tapping the finger numbers are you sing
  • Pg. 20, music track 7
    • stick the coloured stars I’ve given (it’s in an envelope clipped to the page of the book) on your own piano according to the example on page 20. Make sure the colour matches the correct key on the piano.
    • first, sing while pointing to the stars on the page
    • then, using the page 20 & 21 as a guide, find those coloured stars on the piano, and play
  • Pg. 12, music track 3
    • play track and revise the words while doing the hand movements
    • Gianna knows this already, but we need to revise this with her. This will remind her to keep her hands relaxed and fingers curved when we play the piano.
  • recommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 15mins each time


  • Pg. 8 “Firefly”
    • revise in the original key, then play in G (G 5-finger scale)
    • join notes, curve fingers
  • Pg. 10 ” Little River” NEW
    • Make sure to lift hand at the end of the phrase
  • pg. 11 “Sailing in the sun” NEW
    • slow practice, work on coordination between hands!


  • Rhino in the mud : DONE!
  • The Juggler – play it much faster, and keep staccato clean
  • Gren Frog Hop – NEW! hands together
  • On top of Old Smoky – pedal, connect the wide notes more…stretch!
  • A Jazzy Song for Mr Bach – smooth playing, check bar 8 and 14. Play a little faster.
  • Festive March – a little faster, pedal, dynamics!