Welcome and welcome back!  Hope everyone had a refreshing holiday break, and is ready to get back at it!


We spent time with vocal hygiene at the beginning of the lesson, making sure that we knew how to appropriately care for our voices at the height of flu and cold season.  We’re also working on But Not For Me.  You’re going to paraphrase the meaning of the rubato verse in 2 – 3 sentences.  This will include looking up some historical characters!  You’re working on singing the refrain or ‘head’ of the tune with the provided rehearsal track.  25 minutes a day.

Nila:  You were missed today!  I’m excited to see you next week!


Welcome!  It was nice to meet you tonight!

You’re going to bring your piano books from previous lessons next week, and as well pick up some fun pop tunes to sing!  We looked at your range and tone, both of which are lovely!  You are matching pitch well, and we’re going to focus on your upper register to keep that strong and active.  You’ll work on Mee May Mah Moh Moo vocal exercise this week, and next week we’ll get started on some repertoire! 15 minutes a day practice time.  Link to your exercise: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vmZxRmHUuHAHApkvox4I9-2j5KMonH8X