Good seeing you again, and great lessons today, you two!!  You made great musical understandings and progress today.  Keep it up!!


Practice like we worked your piece in the lesson today, and you will have it learned and ‘in your fingertips’ in a jiffy!  Remember to push your wrists forward on strong beats and at the end of slurs as you articulate and come off keys — synchronize this wrist motion with dance you are moving to as you play.


Great progress on both of your songs since we last met!  And, congratulations for taking on another piece!!!  Pianistic progress includes trying your hands with a variety of types of pieces, in an ever-increasing technically and musically-challenging manner.  Remember to come off staccatos in THE SAME WAY throughout your pieces, and that the staccatos in your current pieces are of the ‘popcorn’ variety, meaning your fingers should come off the keys in a very fast manner.