Great lessons again today, all of you!!  Keep these positive attitudes up when approaching the piano or cello, as well as practicing consistently and with intent, and you will all be playing your instruments in a way you would have never believed before you know it!!


Another great lesson today, indeed, but you said it yourself ~ you need to practice more!!  Though you will be pursuing a new musical/more focused musical direction soon, you still have to put the time and work in, if you want to pianistically and musically progress!!  Time to get your music/note-reading back up to snuff!


Excellent work this past week practicing, Gerardo.  It really does pay off!!  And, I hope you noticed in the dramatic difference in your playing abilities/how ‘Candles and Cake’ came across when you approached it in a different way in the lesson today.  Remember, the musician’s goal is to recreate the best played version of the song possible, despite how the player personally feels.  The show must go on..


I can’t wait to meet your new cello next week!!  And, remember to purchase the adjustable chair — your left and bow hands are able to find their corresponding ‘arches’ much more easily now.  You are starting to look like a cellist!


Excellent first lesson, dear!!  Your musical background will serve you well learning the cello.  Remember to practice the bow-hold exercises I showed you, as well as whole bow one string at a time, and then two strings at a time (double-stops), bowing close to the bridge, moving to a rhythm as you play, and keeping the bow straight (for the string that you are on).


Good golly, miss Molly, you practiced your scales!  But you didn’t cut your fingernails short :(.  Please do.  And, remember to push your wrists forward on the 1st strong beat (first note of the scale), the highest note, and then the last note of the scale.  Practice your pieces!!