AWESOME jobs today, all three of you!!!  You all brought/arranged your video capture device, and knew which songs you wanted to be recorded/demonstrated!  Now, practice using these recordings!


Almost got Medieval Fair ready for the recital.  Just work on what we talked about on the second page, and you’re good to go.  Mazurka is all in the dance(s), so practice the right P.A. (playing apparatus) dance first, then the left one, and, only then, H.T.


Weren’t you so prepared for and efficient in your lesson today.  Good boy!  Now, practice the songs recorded, first watching the video, then trying to replicate, then watching the video, then trying to replicate again.  And, so on, if needed until what you’re playing matches (to something similar to) the way I play it in the recording.  Another way of doing it – record yourself, then listen to see if it matches how I am playing it.


Super good work with Beauty and the Beast this week!!!  You practiced!!!  And, now your new (old) song.  Get it up to speed so we can really delve into it next week.