You should review what we covered this week regarding your gear: your guitar and amp. Try to tweak things around. Play around with sounds and settings so you can familiarize yourself with them. You should also practice the opening riff to Sabbath’s “Paranoid”.


Luke once more should keep on practicing “Black Magic Woman” on the bass guitar. Now try to play the line as a whole so he can focus on the connecting notes between the chords. In addition to it, he should practice the whole “Come Together” bass line. Luke should also play the C major scale on the 3rd string. By doing that he should familiarize himself with the full and half steps that this scale comprises itself of.


Frida should practice playing her first song: “Spanish theme”. Once again, it’s extremely important that she should have “Hal Leonard Guitar Method” next lesson. Her regular progress can be affected if she doesn’t have the book to be able to practice with it at home.


Veronika should keep on practicing Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me” – Intro, verse, pre chorus and chorus. She should also have the book “Hal Leonard Guitar Method” volumes 1,2 & 3, if possible for next lesson.