You should read and review the concept of intervals. Particularly you should review seconds and thirds, minor and major. These intervals should also be played as suggested. You should play Amazing Grace at the Hal Leonard book as well.



Luke should keep on playing/practicing the 12-bar blues structure on different keys, using the suggested patterns. He should also practice alternating these patterns throughout a same progression. Luke should also play the bass theme to Pink Floyd’s Money. Focus on the 7/4 time signature and on the use of the hand shape including the 4th finger.



Shaurya should review the notes on 1st and 2nd strings of the guitar. Focus on each note’s placement on the staff, respective position on the fingerboard and appropriate fingering. Using these guidelines, he should also practice playing “World beat” as per written on the separate piece of paper.



Veronika should keep on practicing Minuet in G and well as fingerpicking technique applied to “Time of your life”