We hope the end of the summer finds you well and in good spirits.  It was truly the summer we needed after some of the longest lockdowns in the world.

This is an important email, please read it in detail.


You need to be aware of our Covid-19 Restart Plan regardless of which program you take.  This is very detailed, so please read it to avoid any surprises.

Our Lessons will remain digital through September.

We will make a decision about activating our re-start plan, as well as any modifications that may be needed as we observe the passage of the month.

We intend to start in-person Music Together classes after Thanksgiving.  Due to evolving restrictions, individual location constraints, and the yet unknown effects of the back-to-school season, this too may be a last minute decision.  We are taking registration and will offer full refunds for any money taken if we are unable to hold in-person classes.


Lessons continue on Zoom for September.  The gradual nature of our re-start means that it may take a 2-3 months to get back to a regular schedule.  The flexible nature of our re-start plan means that if we do track a case, we may restart the entire plan.

The primary objective will be to do so in a way that preserves the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved while offering the most stable schedule modality.  We do not want to go in and out of the in-person modality with either legislative changes or frequent changes driven by too early a start that could result in starts and stops.  The best option is the most stable one.

Lawrence Park lessons will continue fully digitally for the fall season.

Your digital studio may have changed – be sure to click here to verify.  (password: ZoomZoomZoom)

When we re-start, we’ll be testing fully hybrid lessons this year.  This means that you may choose to continue with a ‘pure digital’ approach, or you can call in if you have a sniffle, or concern, and have your lesson digitally that week.  This also works for scheduling conflicts within your family.  Our teachers will be ready to go with laptops and will check digital studios if you are not on time or have not called.  All other regular lesson policies apply, however!

100% Vaccinated

We are proud of our team – we have been 100% vaccinated since August 17th!


At this time we expect the following locations to run for classes:

  • Wychwood
  • College
  • Lawrence Park
  • North Bramalea
  • Caledon
  • Woodbridge

All other locations are pending.


Our software provider raised our text messaging rates to such a degree that we decided that we needed to turn off the schedule reminder messages to make sure we manage our budget responsibly.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  The email reminders will continue.