Hello Everybody,

This update covers a lot of different ground.  Please read it carefully.  In brief:

7 Days Left to Win!

Please take our survey now and leave your email to win a free movie night out for 2, with Popcorn and Drinks!


Make-up Schedule – You must confirm

The make-up week is upon us.  If you have not already confirmed your time, please do so by calling the office now: 416-651-7529.

Lessons that are not confirmed may not be attended by your teacher.  Make-up lessons do not carry over past the end of June.

Click to view the current schedule and be sure to check the column marked ‘Status’.  If it does not say confirmed, you are not confirmed.

Latest Fall Schedule and Billings

Click to view the latest Fall lesson schedule.

If you have not yet been billed for September’s lessons (to hold your spot), the next round of billings will occur on June 20th (Saturday), which will likely show up on your accounts on the 22nd (Monday).  You are only being billed for September if you have not already been billed, or have made other arrangements.  Confused?  Call us!

If you want to book your fall lesson spot, you still can!  Call now: 416-651-7529

Music Together Registration Now Open for Fall

Registration is now open for Fall Music Together classes.  Please call to book into one of the following classes:

  • Monday: 10:45 a.m.
  • Sunday: 10:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.


Classes begin in October.  You will be billed now for October to hold your spot.

We may have some extra opportunity for an extra early bonus class over the last weekend in September, so stay tuned!  More Music Together news coming in a separate update.