Hello Lawrence Park (TFS) Students and Families!

This is an important date because we have just realized that you may not have been receiving our emails so far this year (due to a missed checkbox in our email software).  Please accept our apologies if this has been the case.  Hopefully, you have been receiving your students’ homework posts.  If not, please call our office and use your teacher’s page on our website to get it right away (this is always a good first place to check for your homework post).

As the Lawrence Park location is new for us, there are still some bumps to be ironed out.  In the interim, your patience has been greatly appreciated.  Remember, you can call us any time at 416-651-7529, and we will do our best to meet your needs as quickly as possible.  A consistent, predictable, and regular lesson is our goal.

For now, here is some important information about dates and billing adjustments for the rest of the school year.

Future Date Adjustments

Please note the following cancellations for future Parent Teacher Interview dates:

  • Thursday, November 2nd
  • Thursday, February 8th
  • Wednesday, February 28

Billing Adjustments

If you are affected by these cancellations, your billing has already been adjusted.  We are recalculating your monthly billing to reflect the period from November through June, if you are one of the affected by these cancellations.  This will equal the following, by lesson length:

  • 30 Min. – 134.63
  • 45 Min. – 168.33
  • 60 Min. – 202.03

Further, your November billing will be adjusted down by the amount equivalent to the lessons missed on the 12th and 19th of October (if this affects you).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office at 416-651-7529.

Updated Full-Year Calendar

Due to the above date adjustments, we don’t want you to be confused by the full-year calendars you may already have on boards or your fridge at home.  Please click and download the new schedule now, so you don’t show up for lessons that will not be occurring.  Thank you!

Lessons On Pause – All Lessons Now Happening

If you are one of the families that was affected by the ‘Pause’ while we completed the documentation procedures at TFS, you should now all be having lessons.  Thank you for you patience!