Hi guys,

Here’s your HW for the week.


Scales – C Major HS 1 octave with arpeggio, F Major HS 1 octave, G Major HS 1 octave, D Minor HS 1 octave

Pieces – Surprise Symphony, focus on solidifying the second line. Mouse in the clock, keep last line super quiet! New: Bedtime Boogie Woogie, practice slow learning the notes.


Scales and arpeggios – C Major 1 Octaves HS, D minor 1 octave HS, G Major 1 Octaves HS, G minor 1 octave HS, Chromatic starting on F# 2 octave HS

Pieces – Bach. Continue to work away at right notes and consistent rhythm


Scales – C Major 2 Octaves HT, D Minor 1 Octave HT, D Major 1 Octave HT, F# minor 1 octave HS

Pieces – Bach. Try the beginning hands together, continue to get the chromatic parts near the end comfortable. Also, find another piece that you find fun that you would like to work on for next week!

Have a good week!