Hi! I will list all three of the boys in the same post for convenice for both of us.


Scales – D Major, C Major, F Minor hands separate slowly.

Pieces – I have a link to the RCM syllabus below. I would like Isaac to listen to some pieces at level 4 RCM for something he likes. I will also come next week with a few ideas since he was away last week.


Scales – Bb Major, C Major, D Minor hands separate slowly.

Pieces – Prelude in C – Bach; practice slowly and focus on correct rhythm and smooth connected notes.


Scales – D Major, G Minor hands separate slowly.

Pieces – Polonaise in G Minor – Bach; work slowly hands separate and focus on correct rhythm with consistent, steady time. Using a metronome will aid in making sure that this is done well.

I will attach links to the two pieces Gabriel and Steven are working on below, as well as a PDF of a guide on the fingerings for ALL keys, major and minor. Thanks!