Sweater Song is sounding great. Keep working on the intro riff and the chords. Continue to work on the chord transitions the way we went over today. Try to play along with the song this week. Nice work on Island in the Sun! Your vocabulary with bar chords is really coming along. Keep working on your process for playing bar chords: find the root note, choose the appropriate shape based on what string the root is on, and place that shape by alining your first finger with the root. Great work!


Blitzkrieg Bop sounds awesome! Keep practicing it! Listen to the song when you forget how it goes. Great work on Should I Stay or Should I Go! Next time we will try to play this one with bar chords. I hope our introduction to bar chords made sense today. It is a huge topic, and we will continue to work on it. This week, practice your F chord and try to move that shape around on the fretboard! Remember: this works because this is a bar chord! Great work!