Happy New Year everyone!! Hope your holidays were restful and spent with loved ones <3


On Melancholy Hill – LH pattern is more logical than you think. The chord progression is D Major/A Major/B minor/G Major and the pattern is root-5th-3rd-5th (with the constant root notes in between of course). Rotate your wrist like you’re opening a door handle and keep it loose.

Harlinquade – begin HS and pay attention to articulation. Notes without legato markings are played detached as a rule. In baroque music, most 8th notes and quarter notes are detached. Keep your LH bouncy.

Sonatina Mvt 2 in F Major – HS, use written fingering. Begin by keeping the LH accompaniment pattern quiet. For solid 3rds in the RH, keep a loose floppy wrist like knocking on a door, and strong finger joints.


Twinkling Skyline. This piece is played gently, and pay attention to the legato markings. Play workout 1 while looking at the page and say the note names with the RH as you go. They’re still CDEFG but up higher and look different. First play Hands Seperate.

Bartok’s Study. This piece is played loudly and each hand is doing the same thing – this is called parallel motion. First play hands seperate, and then play together. The book suggests you play the RH a little louder than the left, give it a try.