Recommended amount of practice time: 30 mins a day

What to practice: This week Jonathan I want you to practice the Lesson 12 rhythm and the Lesson 13 beats.

How to practice effectively: For the Lesson 12 rhythm, remember that ties add the value of the second note to the first, combining their lengths. So effectively the second note is kind of like a rest. We didn’t have a ton of time to go over dots but the dot lengthens the note by half of its value. So a dotted quarter note becomes a quarter note + an eighth note and a dotted eighth note becomes an eighth note + a sixteenth note. Go slowly and remember to count each bar so that you get the spacing correct. For the Lesson 13 beats, I would write in the bass drum counts and then go slowly. If you feel confident with these then try playing them all in a row one time each.

Great job Jonathan, really glad to be working with you again!


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