D major 2 octaves

  • work to not stop in between notes this week
  • work on slurring 2 notes perbow
  • try thinking a semi tone higher instead of steping fingers for extension (descending scale)
  • 2 notes per bow: still using whole bow.
  • make sure the left arm is up and forward, move thumb before extension.

Study book – reading Bass

  • make sure the bow stays in the middle lane – not riding up over the fingerboard. Think of a wider opening with the elbow joint in the bow arm.
  • relax bow pinky
  • Try some of them with a metronome. Tendency to slow down on the eighth notes. Think ahead :)
  • Make sure left hand thumb is relaxed – play with a marshmallow
  • 140, 142, 155, 163


  • Keep plucking from memory
  • increase to tempo before adding bow (you’re so close!) bmp = 90 for quarter note
  • dots and long notes – dots mean sticatto. lift the bow out of the string, suspend the weight of the arm, create vertical U shapes with the bow. Then sink the arm back into the string for the long note. Make the long note smooth
  • stay in the bottom 3rd of the bow for everything except the half notes