Recommended practice time: 15-30 minutes

What to practice: This week I want you to practice Cream – Sunshine of Your Love, and to get comfortable playing through the pentatonic scales.

How to practice effectively: For Cream, stay loose and relaxed and try playing along to the recording to get the feel down, otherwise once you have the main intro riff down (which you already have down quite well) feel free to look ahead to the Pre-Chorus/Chorus bit! For the pentatonic improvising, try playing over some backing tracks to make it more interesting, and while doing so listen to how the notes you play relate to what’s being played. For the straight up/down the scale and up/down in groups of three try playing with a metronome at a comfortable speed where accuracy is taking front stage.

For some inspiration for what can be done with the pentatonics check out the King of them breaking it down (BB KING).

Good stuff today, and nice meeting you Eliana!


Recommended practice time: 10-15 minutes

What to practice: For this week Aarnav I want you to practice the intro to Superstition as well as the F major scale.

How to practice effectively: While playing both of these I want you to assign a fret to each finger like so – index for first fret, middle finger for second fret, and your ring finger for the third fret. I know this may feel odd at first but if you stick with it, it will become natural and music like this will become a breeze! Also, take a listen to the tune to get song into your mind, and try slowing it down on youtube to play along (click the gear icon for playback speed). You already have it down quite well, playing along will make your practice more fun as well as give you a better idea of how guitar works in a band!

Good playing today Aarnav, it was to meet you!


Recommended practice time: 10-20 minutes

What to practice: For next week Aarna, I want to hear you play the intro to Crazy on You by Heart, and to practice the F Major scale and the E minor scale.

How to practice effectively: Take it slow, and focus on accuracy while assigning a finger to each fret like we discussed (index to first fret, middle to second fret, ring finger to third). You picked up the notes and feel of the song quite quickly, so I think if you focus on letting each note ring out nice and cleanly you’ll be flying. The key to that is to stay comfortable, relaxed, and take things slow and steady. Speed will come with time (this all goes for both the song and the scales). You got it! For a refresher on the tune.*

Nice to meet you Aarna, glad you got your cell phone back!


Recommended practice time: 15-30 minutes

What to practice: For this week I want you to practice Pink Floyd’s Money, and I want to see you play the A Minor scale with the fingering we went over for next class.

How to practice effectively: To practice the A minor scale properly, take it nice and slow, with your thumb positioned on the middle of the back of the neck (not blues style, wrapped around). Because this is a new concept it has to be taken slowly, and you’ll have to resist the urge to play faster until playing with the pinky becomes more comfortable. You can get this down no problem if you approach it like this, just be patient with it, I promise. For Money play along with the recording for now, and similar to using your pinky on the A minor scale, try to do so with the intro lick when it goes from the 2nd to 5th fret. Challenge yourself! You’re already playing more difficult things on the guitar, you got this!

It was great meeting you Simon, your Floyd soloing sounds great! Til next week!