Declan – practice “Eight Days…” Fro letter B on making sure you don’ t miss any bars. Parents, listening to the songs we learn is essential. Please encourage Declan to practice along to The Beatles original recording.

griffin –  practice “Little Black Submarines”  by The Black Keys.  Also practice “Light ’em up”. Parents, 15 minutes a day.

Simon –  “Andante 5” with bass notes, also “Love me do” with no pauses between chords. Parents, Simon’ s  guitar is in need of repair, please take it to Long and McQuade. It shouldn’t be to expensive…

Arianna –  practice “Time in a bottle” all the way through, then tackle the beginning of “The Cinema Show”. Parents, whatever you are doing keep doing it as Arianna is easily one of my best students. Arianna, practice 15 minutes a day.

Josh – practice “Breathe”, especially the tricky chords, and “Us and them. Practice slowly and and make sure you read the chart accurately. Parents please provide Josh with a time and place to practice at least 15 minutes a day.

Devis – practice all scales and chords so far including the chords “C”  and “D”. Parents please make sure Devis has a place and time to practice 15 minutes a day.