Declan – middle eight bard of Eight Days A Week, memorize names of lines and spaces of bass clef, do ex.1&2. Parents help Declan memorize the lines and spaces by repeating the phrases written on the  paperGriffin – keep working on light em up

Simon – The Galaxy Song, change the chords at the correct time with no stops or gaps.

arianna – intro to “the cinema show”

Juri – eight days a week, practice making sure that every chord is formed right and sounds good. Keep your thumb in the correct position. Go from one chord to the next with no gap. Practice slowly at first and strum lightly.

Josh – practice chords for crazy little thing…get to b flat on time. Practice the bends and pull offs in the solo. Practice slowly at first.

Devis – practice scales slowly and pluck lightly.  Practice chords by checking each string individually.