Declan –  parents, help Declan make progress in the song Eight Days A Week by having him practice the song from the part marked with a large letter B. the rest of the song is memorized, this section needs particular attention. Secondly, have Declan practice the scales using correct fingering and alternate plucking fingering.

Griffin – parents, make sure Griffin practices Little Black Submarines slowly, making sure that it is played with attention to rhythm and fluidity changing one chord to another.  Also practice the marked exercises in the book.

Simon –  practice page 7 from the book, parents please make sure that Simon practices slowly at first and then works up to speed. It is also a good idea to break up practice time by playing music Simon likes in between playing material from the book .

Arianna –  first section of the cinema show

Juri – parents, have Juri practice scales and chords as a warm up before going on to Eight Days A Week. Practice the chords for the song slowly at first and then speed up. Make sure all chords are clean and clear and fix any mistakes before moving on.

Josh –  make sure that you start the vocal melody for Hurt on the right note.  Make sure that you fix all timing issues in regards to when the chords change and on what word they change.  Parents, please be very supportive of Josh’s singing as it is an essential part of his development of music al skill.

Devis – practice changing chords (D G A D) smoothly and with attention to making them sound clean and clear. Parents, please be sure to give Devis a regular time and place everyday for practice and please be very encouraging. This will help to bolster his confidence.