Declan – parents please make sure Declan has all his books and related materials for every lesson. Progress is being hampered by this. “eight days a week” from letter B needs more practice.

Griffin – exercises 22, 23, & 24 in the book. Parents help Griffin make sure he is playing the rhythms properly, especially for #s 22& 24, then play all the chords for # 24, four strokes to a bar.

Simon – parents help Simon practice ex. 6 & 7 in the Suzuki book making sure he has a regular time and place to practice. Remind Simon to start slowly and work up speed. Practice should be broken up with playing favourite songs. 15 minutes a day minimum.

Arianna Р first section of the cinema show. Get all chords to go smoothly from one to the next. Remember picking pattern over G minor.

Josh – parents help Josh to practice ” Wher did you sleep last night” by reminding him to change the chords at the right time. Then have Josh go and practice the first part to “Ain’t No Grave”

Devis – parents, have Devis practice changing chords D, G, A as smoothly and quickly as possible. Continue practicing the scales with coresponding chords.