Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Work on improvising with the new triplet rhythms that I wrote down in your book. Pick a song like “Oh Darlin’” or some other song with a triplet feel and play through the song a few times improvising fills with the rhythms. This will help you to become more familiar with the triplet feel.


Keep practicing the triplet rhythms and beat. Make sure that you are reading what is written down in your book. Identify which notes are eighth notes and which ones are sixteenth notes, and then count the rhythm out loud before you play it. It is important to be able to read music as well as playing by ear.


Practice the triplet rhythms and beats that we have covered so far. Play along with “Oh Darlin’” a few times this week and work on improvising some fills with the song. This will help you to be more comfortable with the triplet feel.


Practice the rhythm review that I wrote down in your book as well as reviewing some rhythms from previous lessons. Be sure to count each rhythm out loud before you play. Remember that eighth notes are always twice as long as sixteenth notes, so be careful to identify each note correctly before counting or playing.


Great work on the accent patterns! This week, practice the triplet rhythms that we worked on in your lesson. Remember to count each rhythm out loud before you play it. Focus on keeping a steady speed and making the triplets sound even.