Declan – parents help Declan practice Eight days a week focusing on the section marked B, then move on to All My Loving. Help Declan practice both songs slowly and accurately and then work up to speed..

Simon – parents hAve Simon practice pages 8 & 9 of the Suzuki book, making sure that the notes are accurate. Make sure Simon checks the key signature before starting. Practice should always start out slow and gradual speed up. Also help Simon to be. A ware of rhythm and timing.

Juri – practice eight days a week from the A chord on, then practice the four new scales and their accompanying chords.

Devis – parents have Devis practice all scales and chords. The aim is to make them all as smooth as possible. Have him practice the chords to El Senor so that he goes from one chord smoothly and quickly.

Josh Р parents have Josh practice the chords to the song Nobody, playing the strumming pattern the way he was shown. Josh should master the pattern and then practice playing the chords and changing them on time.