This will be the last homework post for the winter/spring season. For those taking summer lessons, I will see you soon! For those not, have a great summer and hope to see you in September!

Here’s this weeks homework:


This week we talked about fingerstyle playing and using your fingers to play chords and single notes. Continue to practice playing your C chord using this style. At this point, the only way to get better at this is to continuously practice this style. Remember that you have five fingers to play chords in a fingerstyle playing. Try using these in all different combinations (all together pluck up, pluck down).


The chords are coming together really well. Try to practice being able to play these chords while not looking at your hands. Remember too to focus on tone and making sure all the notes are clear and that your fingers on the left hand stay nice and arched (fingertips only!).


Have a great summer everyone!