Recommended Practice Minutes: 15 minutes a day

What To Practice: This Old Man, Yankee Doodle, Happy Birthday using correct fingering, All Together Now strumming the correct amount of times

How To Practice: go slowly, making sure fingering is correct. Count the amount of strokes per bar of the song. Try singing the song while playing.

How Parents Can Support Practice: make sure practice time is consistent, and work with Cormack on making sure he uses the correct fingers and strums the chords the correct amount of times.


Recommended Practice Minutes: 30 minutes a day

What To Practice: practice the jazz / blues bass line I wrote out for you and review the bass line for “My Girl”.

How To Practice: make sure each note of the line is played cleanly and with the correct rhythmic value. For the song “My Girl” try playing along with the song.

How Parents Can Support Practice: make sure practice time and space are consistent. When practicing the song “My Girl”, have Sam play along with the original recording. Listen while he is playing. Make sure Sam is using correct fingering.


Recommended Practice Minutes: 30 minutes a day

What To Practice: have Simon practice the song “Nowhere Man” strumming chords and playing the solo

How To Practice: play the song from beginning to end. Play along with the original recording when confident with parts.

How Parents Can Support Practice: Check to make sure Simon is forming the chords correctly and cleanly. Make sure all notes and solo are played in time with the correct rhythm.


Recommended Practice Minutes: 30 minutes a day

What To Practice: practice the song “Royal Garden Blues”, making sure that the finger picking is done correctly. Also working on soloing over “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

How To Practice: go slowly, making sure all notes are formed using the correct fingers and focus on the finger picking pattern. For soloing, go over the blues scales with extensions and listen for things you like the sound of.

How Parents Can Support Practice: watch to make sure Felix uses correct fingering for both picking and Fretting of notes. Since the soloing part is improvisation, occasionally saying “Hey That sounds good!” would be very encouraging.


Recommended Practice Minutes:15minutes a day

What To Practice: “highway To Hell” and “Back In Black”

How To Practice: practice Highway To Hell along with the original recording to increase a sense of timing. Practice Back In Black slowly, focusing on the :”pull Offs” which can be a bit tricky.

How Parents Can Support Practice: make sure that practice time and place are consistent and ask Kiran to play Highway To Hell along with the video on youtube for you.


Recommended Practice Minutes: 30 minutes a day

What To Practice: “Diamonds And Rust” and “Blackbird”

How to Practice: practice fingerpicking part of introduction separately. Then practice song itself along with singing the lyrics. Practice Blackbird to keep it fresh.


Recommended practice time: 30 minutes a day

What To Practice : guitar solo # 1 of Comfortably Numb and all chords for the whole song.

How To Practice: practice along with original album recording. Use Power chords during verse and full chords during chorus. Pay attention to timing in solo.