Another great round of lessons today, folks!  Some great practicing done this past week.  Keep it up!!


Great to see you back!!  Glad to see you didn’t lose any progress you made last semester even though you didn’t practice for a few weeks over the holidays.  Remember to ALWAYS to make sure you’re in tune and making beautiful and interesting sounds with your bow, no matter at what stage in the learning of the piece you may be at.  Music is all about SOUND PRODUCTION.

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.

What to practice: The exercises marked in your book with today’s date.

How to practice it most effectively:  As noted above and how we practiced it in today’s lesson.


Awesome job this past week and lesson today, Maz!! You’re on a roll!!! ‘Dill Pickles’ is coming along very nicely. Now, ‘St. James Infirmary’ is the one to master. ‘Wild Flowers’ is coming along as well. Start working on ‘Gigue in A major’!!

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.

What to practice:   The pieces marked in your botebook with today’s date.

How to practice it most effectively: In SLOW MOTION, with the correct rhythm and fingerings, shaping the phrase. And, most importantly, with PATIENCE!

How parents can support practice: Make sure Maz continues to find enough time to practice.


I love teaching you, Michael! You understand all of the deep musical and technical concepts right away. It’s just a matter of time you will master these if you keep up this intense study of the piano (and music)!

Minutes to practice: As much as you like!
What to practice: The pieces marked with today’s date.
How to practice it most effectively: As we practiced/discussed in the lessons today. And, try not playing to the recorded videos of me playing the songs at the same time, but before and after. You can record yourself playing and then compare!


Great introduction to the cello, today, Kayla. I hope you choose to take it up, as I know you will love and excel at it very much!!!



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