What to practice: chords for “Here Comes The Sun”
 how long to practice:  15 minutes a day
how to practice: make sure you strum the chords the correct amount of times. Sing along while playing
how parents can support: have Cormac show what we are doing and how the charts work. Maybe sing along with him.

What to practice: the solo from “Goodbye Stranger”
 how long to practice: 15 minutes a day
how to practice: compare what you are playing with the original recording
how parents can support: have Simon explain the charts to you. Listen as he plays the parts and be supportive on all the bits that sound good. He is doing very well in his guitar studies.

What to practice: Charlie Christian’ s swing to bop
how long to practice: 30 minutes a day
 how to practice: write down the notes and figure out the syncopation before playing
Listen to Charlie play and follow along.