Declan – practice the bass line to “Eight Days A week” with a recording of the Beatles playing the song. Parents, listen to Declan play along with the recording for 15 minutes a day.

Griffin – prctice the chords for “Light ‘Em Up” and sing the song while you do it. Parents, listen to Griffin play the song. 25 minutes a day.

Simon – review Hithiker’s Guide, play “Andante” with bass lines and get a smooth clear sound from the guitar.

Arianna – play the beginning of Time In A Bottle remembering to play all the notes the correct amount of times. Also review the Fionna Apple song.

Juri – practice the chords to “Eight Days A week” and get to the chords on time. 15 minutes a day.

Josh – practice the chords for “Crazy Little Thing…”, get to the B flat chord on time. !5 minutes a day minimum.