Great work this week, everyone! Please look at these materials for next time.

Ella- This week, try to nail down the first page of Breezeblocks. Also, take some time to listen to other music, could be anything, and try to play along. It doesn’t have to be exactly right, just try to make some music and enjoy the drums.

Jonah- This week, finish up lesson 3 number 21-25 and also Lesson 4 1-12. Make sure you start slow keep your eyes on the music until you have it totally down.

Noah- Try to get Take on Me up to letter G this week. In addition here is page 6 of Stick Control ( Start off each practice session going through a couple of these exercises, repeat each one at least 20 times! Focus on keeping your stick heights the same and wrists loose!

Sylvie- This week, try to be able to play through the first page of Get Used to It. It doesn’t have to be full tempo, but definitely practice all of the transitions.

Koel- This week, try to play through Disco beats 1-6, connected by fills. Play the beat a few times and then a fill, going straight into the next beat.

Samson- This week, try to play Astronomia full tempo with the song, up to bar 27. Then work on the main beat and try to get it up to 140 on the metronome. Thanks a lot for agreat lesson!!

Hope you have fun and have a nice weak. See you next week!