Hi everyone! Great work this week as always, here is what I would like you to continue on with.

Ella- Continue on with Girlfriend in a Coma and decide on a new song, I think we’re just about ready to move on! To put on the finishing touches, listen to the song a bunch of times to learn where all the fills are and start playing along with them. The beat is great, so keep that up. Try to be able to play along to the whole song by the next lesson.

Emily- Work on those snare exercises and try to get the 16th note high hat beat up to tempo evenly. Then try to get the In Bloom beats going.

Eric- Good job finishing up Immigrant Song! Now onto USSR, start to play along with the song so you can get a feel for the tempo of it. Work on the low tom introdution (starts on the and of 2) and the fill that comes in throughout the song.

Sylvie- This week, work on adding the hi hat to the beats that we did last week. Over the week, try to go from 40 to 70 bpm to the dotted quarter note.

As always, please let ABC know if you have any questions and I will get back to you right away. Have fun with all of this!!