Good morning Lawrence Park families!

We are now in the last week of regular lessons and next week will be our make-up week.

The preliminary make-up schedule is as follows:

Please take a careful look – You may have a double lesson booked either as two separate lessons, or as a longer lesson unit. We have tried to keep you as close to your regular time as possible.


  • You must confirm your time by phone: 416-651-7529.
  • If you do not confirm you will lose your make-up(s).
  • Make-ups do not carry past the end of June.
  • Your lesson time may not be the same as normal, may be longer, and you may have additional days/times.  Take care to see you don’t miss this.

If you have any questions, or anything looks strange/missing/unmanageable, please call the office right away.

Thank you!