Bow exercises :

The tip of the thumb touching the metal plate of the bow . The fingers fall over the stick. Index finger 2nd Phalange on the stick.

Push bow tip  into left hand palm 17 times in 15 seconds.

rest and shake the Right hand. minimum of 10 seconds.

Check carefully bowhold set up as above  and repeat the entire exercise 3 times.


Windscreen wipers

Bowhold as above BUT ALSO try to balance the little finger on the stick. Rotate bow

to show the white hair facing up. rotate it back.


Stir the pot Exercise  : circle with elbow 3 times out and 3 times in .


Bow circles:

Circle with the elbow then down bow onto the string 3 times in a row. A string

Check. think – did they land smoothly.  Repeat exercise 6 times

then G , D, finally E string


Left hand see video of jingle bells