Hi Team,

The make-up week is fast approaching and we look to have a busy one this year.  Please note that this make-up week will work like a regularly scheduled week as far as using our online system to indicate if a student is ‘Arrived’, and then you should also proceed to ‘Check Out’.  This will improve our tracking, and limit any work you have to do.  You will notice that the appointments are not ‘M’, or Music Lessons, but ‘MU’, for Make-Ups.

Also, there are some teachers that appear to have a higher than normal amount of teacher absence-related make-ups to do, in addition to your regularly owed lessons for student absences, which will likely result in some of you needing to come in an extra day to keep on track.  If you are unsure of what you owe, please ask me or Lydia to look at your list of owed/missed lessons.