Hi Team,

Please look at this lesson count PDF to view how many make-ups you have.  If there is any discrepancy, or disagreement, please call the office right away.  We will try to get the days/times populated in the online schedule.

If you are being asked to add a day for makeups, please call us right away to let us know which day works.

By using the online schedule, we hope to just treat these like normal lessons.  If you will be making up lessons from another (transfer) teacher, then your invoices should reflect that when you complete checkouts.  Since this is the first time we’ve used the online system for managing make-ups, I expect that we will have some bumps.  I thank you in advance for keeping me informed of these, as well as for your patience.

Also, there are some of you that are due for secondary reviews.  We’ll be doing those this week and next.