Recently we had some feedback from a parent about our Make-up policy and the sign in our lobby regarding make-ups for Music Lessons.  The feedback was excellent, and pointed out that the tone of the notice in our lobby was at odds with our cheerful disposition, and customer accommodation.

To this end we’ve decided that it was time to ‘modernize’ our Make-up policy and to bring it in line with our commitment to happy parents, students, and teachers, while maintaining a focus on delivering the best possible experience for all involved.

Effective immediately, our new Make-up policy is that all students are guaranteed 2 ‘Anytime Make-ups’ per year, not limited to illness.  If you want a long weekend, take it.  If your teenager wants to hang out with friends for the new Justin Bieber movie, go right ahead.  The only caveat is that you must still call the school 24 hours or greater to make sure we inform your teacher.  If we do not receive a call, we cannot guarantee your Make-up.  If you exceed your ‘Anytime’ make-ups, we will not be able to guarantee you a make-up lesson.

We hope that this makes your experience for make-ups easier, and offers you greater flexibility to enjoy some freedom with other commitments.

As always, we really appreciate having you as students and will continue to focus on making your ABC experience as positive as possible.