Recommended amount of practice time: 30 mins a day

What to practice: This week Jonathan I want you to practice beats 4, 5, and 6 of the Lesson 15 beats with the variations we worked on and keep practicing your last beat on the drum set.

How to practice effectively: So for the Lesson 15 beats, play them with these hi-hat variations: on the downbeat, on the ‘+’, on the ‘e’, and on the ‘a’, as well as eighth notes (1+2+3+4+) and off-beat eighth notes (e-a, e-a, e-a, e-a). Send me a message if you have any trouble with these or can’t remember how this goes. Also go back to the beat of yours that we were working on and see if you can make it really groove and play it consistently!

This was a really fun lesson, thanks as always!