What to practice: This week Sebastian I want you to work on the Lesson 3 beats and reading as well as Another One Bites the Dust

How to practice effectively: Good work today Sebastian! For Another One Bites the Dust, spend a couple minutes working on the beat by itself, then try putting on the music at a slow speed and try playing along. Remember when you’re playing with music you have to be actively listening to stay in time. Try to work in the fills if you can! In addition, work on Lesson 3 and write in the counts (1+2+3+4+) for the reading above the notes, then try counting it out loud while clicking your sticks, then try playing it on the drum. For the beats, just go slowly and if its helpful try writing the counts for the bass drum underneath the notes as well.

Most of this is the same from last time but it still applies!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: For the next couple weeks Lucas I want you to write in the counts above the notes in the Reading for Lesson 7

How to practice effectively: So for Lesson 7, write out the counts above the notes first, then count the rhythms out loud, and then finally try to count the rhythms and play them at the same time. If you’re feeling adventurous try playing some of the beats too!

Also if you still want to refer back to my video about how to play the bridge for Another One Bites the Dust, you can check that out here:

Great to see you again today!



How many minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Jonah I want you to work on Lesson 13 Reading and Beats, here is the video I made to help:

Also, here is an article to help explain how different notes are related to each other, it should help with this lesson:

How to practice effectively: Hey Jonah, good work today! The Lesson 13 beats still need a bit more practice but you’ve got a great start on it. Be sure to check out my video if you need some reference to how the beats sound! Hopefully soon we can start a new song!

Thanks for a fun lesson as always!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: Your assignment this week Samson is to finish playing through Todd Rundgren’s It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference. Here is the UPDATED TRANSCRIPTION.

How to practice effectively: First, check out my video!!

At this point, work through all the trouble spots, including this fill and all the other tricky ones that come earlier. Go through them one at a time and then try bigger chunks. From those bigger chunks try running through the whole thing! Next week we’ll go through the whole song and then start some new stuff.

Be sure to have your mom send your vaccine info to ABC if you want to start meeting in person, that would be awesome, have a happy March Break!



How many minutes to practice: 3omins

What to practice: This week Sam, in addition to working on the Moeller/Push-pull technique for the hi-hat we covered today, I want you to practice the Stick Control exercise with the feet and the first part of Come Home by Anderson .Paak which I breakdown in this video:

How to practice effectively: For the hi-hat technique stuff we covered today, try alternating between playing the hi-hat with 100% wrist and pulsing with the forearm every other note. Work it slowly every day and try it a little faster at the end of every practice session. Feel free to check out other videos that talk about playing fast 16th note beats like this one:

For the Stick Control exercise, do each cell slowly with the hands before adding the feet. Only move on to the next sticking pattern when you feel ready. For Come Home, I break down how the drums go in the verse and the chorus sections in the first half of the song. Try following along and playing with the song if you can. If you’re feeling brave, try to see if you can figure out what changes in the second half of the song and how that part goes.

Great job today dude, have a good trip!