Hi everyone, it was so great to see you all again!!! Here is what I would like for you to work on for next week.

Sebastian- Practice the beat we played in the lesson (the one from your time with Keshav) but this time with the kick drum on beat 1, the and of 1, and the and of 3. Also, think of a song you’d like to learn, I think we are ready to start playing some music!!

Ella- This week, try to be able to play all the way through Forks and Knives. In addition, practice all three versions of the disco beat (hi hats playing eighth notes, one E and, and 16th notes) up to 90 bpm.

Eric- I want you to come up with a drum part for Sunday Best this week and practice playing it along with the song. Try to listen to the melody and other parts, as well as the sounds and patterns you here in the electronic drums.

Jonah- This week I want you to teach your mom all of 5 our calls and responses. Also, please pick a new song for us to play this week!

Noah- Take a look at Stick Control page 5 this week and try to get it up to 120 bpm. Make sure that both of your hands and wrists are relaxed. It is very improtant to play slowly at first and always stay with the metronome. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QRzC5XIzxmSq0Ke4sKhlf-LDt-O_K9R8/view?usp=sharing)

Sylvie- This week, please practice Super Mario (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cByyc2N6cPFAAQPCuGp3SdDyavKQlcp2). Top line only, although it may be fun to also play both hands on the piano! In addition, please practice scales up to 2 accidentals (C, F, G, D, Bflat) and the application on the bottom of page 4 of the drum set exercises. Lastly, take a look at some of the exercises on page 5 if you have a chance.

Samson- Work on playing Shreksophone at full tempo this week. Practice the beat slowly and gradually increase the speed until it is song tempo. Then, try to play it along with the song. In addition, practice Lesson 2 and get it up to 90 bpm for next week.

It was so nice to see you all and I look forward to our next lesson!! Have fun practicing!