Ella- Work on the first beat of Girlfriend in a Coma. Try to get the right feel with the accents on the offbeats. At first, try with no accent, then add it in. As always, start super slow and gradually come up in speed. If you can get to the tempo of the song that’s great, if not, better off slow and great than fast and shaky.

Eric- Work on the two beats I have written out for you. Use a metronome and start them super slow (eighth note = 60) where you can focus on each note you play. Then work up to a tempo where the kick part becomes difficult to play. Write down this tempo, and each day try to increase that by a few clicks.

Sylvie- Work on all 4 variations of the independence exercises and try to get them up to 40 bpm on the metronome. In addition, work on the bossa nova beat and try to get to 40 as well. If you can get to 40 that’s great, if not, better off slow and great than fast and shaky.

Emily- Work on all 3 written out beats at a comfortable tempo, and see if you can push this tempo each day over the week. There are a million free metronome apps for phone and computer, so pick whichever one looks nicest to you and try to play along with it. I also like to practice to music to make it a bit more fun. In addition to practicing, try to listen to drummers you like and pick out what they are doing. Like I said before, basically everything in the rock genre is a variation on that simplke beat we started with, so being able to notie the variations is really good. I also want you to pick out a few songs you would like to learn and we can get started on some stuff.

You guys are all nailing it and I’m really proud of you all!! It’s been great working with you so far and I know we’ll be finishing off the year strong. See you all next week, and as always send any questions to ther ABC admin and I’ll get right back to you!! Have fun practicing and I’ll see you all next week.